You Can Easily Prolong Your Stay In Canada Before Visa Expires

You Can Easily Prolong Your Stay In Canada Before Visa Expires

Regardless of whether you are coming to Canada as a visitor, vacationer, Student or worker, you just have a constrained time of permitted stay in the country.

Visitors and travelers are generally given at most a maximum of half a year, while international workers and undergraduates usually have longer time approved by their work or study permit.

Applying for an extra time to extend your stay in Canada

In the event that you came to Canada with a temporary visa and might want to prolong the time of your stay in Canada due to one reason or the other, drafting your extension application ahead of time can make it easier for you to accomplish this.

While an application to prolong your stay in Canada takes several procedures, you don’t need to stress over your status in Canada, it is still considered valid until a concrete decision in the application is made.

It is required that you present the application no less than 30 days before your approved time of stay lapses. Nonetheless, in certain circumstances, it might be prudent to apply for an extended stay on a much later date.

Overstaying can have very serious consequences

By chance you remained in Canada after your approved time of stay lapses, you at that point becomes an unlawful foreign national in Canada. This can pose serious problems for you, particularly in the event that you intend to visit Canada again later on.

If your illegal and unauthorized stay is discovered by a Canadian authority, they can and will issue an evacuation order, which can eventually prompt your deportation and refusal of future passage into Canada.

Lawful status can be reinstated in the wake of overstaying

In a situation where somebody stays in Canada past the approved period, it is conceivable to re-establish his or her lawful status with no consequence.

If you present a suitable application (for example as a temporary worker or visitor) within a constrained time, it can help recover your lawful status.

One should apply for a Restoration of Status inside 90 days from the time your authorized stay in Canada expires. They will also need to meet each and every one of the requirements and give various supporting documents to qualify for authorization.

A prolonged stay should be possible without leaving Canada

In a large number of cases, you can prolong or extend your stay in Canada within the country. It’s nothing more than an urban myth that the approved date of stay can only be prolonged by departing and re-entering Canada.

Extension process may differ

A prolonged stay in Canada for a customary visitor is mostly direct, while a comparative technique for a foreign worker and student may differ, and is subject to their specific circumstance.

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