Why You Must Choose To Study In New Zealand

Why You Must Choose To Study In New Zealand

Aside from the beautiful, famous and amazing places, you can visit in New Zealand, with very good climate and relatively mild weather, wet winters, and its temperature ranging between 10 to 15oC for winters and for summers between 20 to 30oC.

The country has a great reputation for providing quality education and offering certificates that are globally recognized worldwide. Provides a safe learning environment which creates a conducive, and an excellent learning environment for both international and local students.

There is much more to New Zealand than only quality education and beautiful recreational centres. So here are a few things you should know about the country as a student before choosing to go there for studies.

  • The country has only 8 universities, it is quite unbelievable but it is true. An entire country has that few numbers of universities.
  • The country of a little more than 4 million persons and one of the most secure places on this planet with excellent living conditions and an advanced way of life. New Zealand has never witnessed war on its shores and corruption here is incredibly low compared to America and Europe.
  • The countries educational courses, programs and degrees are one of the best most renowned and accredited education systems.
  • The certificates from schools in New Zealand have great standards, good reputation and generally recognized. Employers around the world employ New Zealand Graduates without thinking twice about their qualification.
  • Tuition fees and accommodations are very affordable if you compare to some countries in the world and yet you still the value for your money.
  • New Zealand has a dynamic and amicable multicultural society.
  • All international student on a student visa is permitted to work for up to 20 hours every week during semester and then full time during their vacation. You can be offered student employment through a student employment service called “Student Job Search” to assist them to get a job.
  • When you graduate successfully, you will automatically be qualified for a 12 months’ work permit according to the student visa policy. The permit will allow you to work full time in any job of your choice. But if you wish to remain in the country permanently, then you apply and obtaining a job that is related to your field of study.
  • If you have secured a job and a permanent residence and you still wish to continue your studies, you will be eligible for a study loan offered by the government of New Zealand which you can payback after you complete your cause.

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