Tips To Pass Canadian Visa Interview

Tips To Pass Canadian Visa Interview

Tips To Pass Canadian Visa Interview

Planning on moving to Canada? Your chances of success will increase if you prepare yourself thoroughly for the interview.

The Visa interview is a crucial step and can be very intimidating to most people which results in their application being denied. This article will highlights what every applicant must know when going for a Visa interview

1. Practice Your English or French.

One of the requirements of moving to Canada is proficiency in either English or French language. Aside submitting your proficiency results, the interview may likely be conducted in either English or French. 

2. Gather Required Documents

During visa interview you have to present enough evidence to get your application approved.

Going to Visa interview without the complete documents could be disastrous when the interview officer asks for it.

Find and arrange all documentation you will need when attending the interview, you never know what would be required of you.

3. Be Confident

Practice a lot of anticipated questions, it will help if you visualize yourself answering questions from during interview. Do not be hasty when giving answers to questions asked. understand the question first before you attempt to answer.

4. Be Honest

Displaying honesty during interviews could speed your application process. You should know that Interview officers could easily see through your lies, attempt all questions with honesty as this could help your case.

5. Talk About Ties In Your Home Country

You have to convince the interview officers that you would return home after the expiration of your visa. 

Talking about ties in your home country to assuage the interviewer that you would eventually return home. Ties could be business or property owned in your home country.

If you have a spouse or dependents, talk about how you intend supporting them while abroad.

6. Be Positive

Do not be anxious during the interview, stay confident and positive no matter what. Project a positive image that you will pass the interview

Note: Interviewers are skeptical about most applicants not honoring their undertaking, most stay long after their visa expiration, most fake marriages to get green card, because of these reasons, your visa application may be rejected if the interview officer suspects dishonesty.

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