Tips To Land Any Foreign Job

Tips To Land Any Foreign Job

When it comes to travelling abroad, you will discover that there are so many reasons why people leave their country. For job hunters, it is usually for a single reason “a better life abroad”.

Moving to another country is usually not easy, especially when you are seeking employment. If the thought ever crosses your mind to leave your country to a foreign place or nation, their things you must do to ensure your application is successful.

Some of the things that will be revealed here can be applied to any country you wish to move to. You can equally apply the same trick in your home country and it will work, same applies to; Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and other developed nation.

Many things we overlook, turn out to be very important. Like how your CV is formatted could make you lose your dream job.

Below are some things you should do to help you get your desired job abroad:

1. Change Your Name

Now if you are addressed with your traditional name which is most times usually very difficult to pronounce, changing it to a simpler name that an employer can pronounce is very important.

Names like Michael Abayomrunkoje Kehinde which is frustratingly very difficult to pronounce and can cause a problem for you. You could simply go with Mike Kehinde. You don’t have to legally change the name.

2. Tidy Your Social Media Profiles

Employers might want to spy on your social lifestyle and get a glimpse of the kind of life you live. They could easily type in your name to find out the kind of post or photos you have on Facebook and others to know if they are offensive. Employers wouldn’t want any staff or employee tarnishing the image of the company.

3. Get Your Personal Website

You will need a domain name that is simple for instance it is quite cheap to set up a simple website. It could just be a single page website with some Bio and details about you.

4. Create A LinkedIn Profile

Any Job seeker ought to have a profile that speaks for you. So, if you are yet to register with LinkedIn, you should do so immediately. But if you already have an account update it so that you stand a better opportunity in the job hunt.

5. Improve Your CV

The CV format that is accepted in your country could be quite different from those of other countries. For instance, if you are hunting for a job in Canada, the country might have an entirely different CV format from the one in your country. So, before you apply for a job in a foreign country, make researches and then create a CV with the format accepted in the country.

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