Tips to Help You Become a Registered and Practicing Nurse in Canada

Tips to Help You Become a Registered and Practicing Nurse in Canada

Becoming a registered and practising nurse in Canada takes several procedures and steps. You have to be sure of one thing, you must have a certificate that qualifies you to practice nursing in Canada. There are at least six classes of registration for nurses in Canada they include:

  • General
  • Special Assignment
  • Extended
  • Temporary
  • Emergency Assignment
  • Non-practising

You will be required to first complete formal education and obtain either of the two degrees, a bachelor’s degree program which usually takes about 4 years or an associate degree program that has a 2 years’ duration. There is also a diploma program held at hospitals which is not readily available.

Candidates must equally complete a licensure exam to become fully licensed RN (Registered Nurse) and other licensure requirements must also be met.

Canada has a regulatory body in its provinces that govern nurses, this body set out certain requirements and regulations that must be observed before one can enter the profession so as to assure a quality practice, and establish a great standard of nursing practice.

For international nurses who have already acquired a degree and are practising outside the shores of Canada will be required to seat for a bridging course for nursing registration.

An “evidence of practice requirement” which has been laid down by the regulatory body must be met by any nurse who is aspiring to work in Canada and on completion of the bridging course program, which will be helpful in providing you with experience and knowledge crucial to meet the requirements.

The regulatory body will be sent verification of course completion which would serve as proof of practice and eligibility.

Below are tips to guide you on your quest of becoming registered as a Nurse in Canada:

The first thing you should do is to contact a Canadian Consular closest to you to know more about the employment requirement for nurses looking to practice in Canada.

Also, get the requirement clarification from the regulatory body in the province you intend to work.

Make enquires about getting a Canadian driver’s license because it would be helpful when you acquire the job or before you apply for any job.

You will be providing certain documents concerning your education, work, and identity to the regulatory body so it would be best if you gather them in your home country.

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