Things To Consider While Applying For Canadian Visa

Things To Consider While Applying For Canadian Visa

It is a known fact that Canada is a popular destination for immigrants seeking a better quality of life.

Immigration is valued in Canada because it contributes to its economic growth and enriches the country’s social and cultural values.

Thinking of Immigrating to Canada?

It is important to note that all applicants must demonstrate financial capabilities before proceeding with the Visa application.

Here are useful tips to ease your passage.

1. Confirm your eligibility;

  • You must be of sound health. This includes medical history
  • You must own a valid international passport
  • Financial capability to cover your stay in Canada
  • Proof of ties with your country. This includes the asset in your country or family ties that will compel you to come back after your short stay (if you are visiting for a short period)
  • Enough money to cover your stay in Canada

Note that your visa application may be denied if you pose a security risk or if a dishonest claim is found in your application.

2. Complete the application form;

  • You need a genuine reason for migrating in order to determine your visa application, whether its Work, Visit, Study or resident visa.
  • Fill out the application form and other relevant documents.

3. Fill out the VFS consent form and attach it with your application form

*Important: if a completed and signed VFS consent form is not included with the application, it will be returned to you

4. Pay the visa and bio-metric fees:

Visit your Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC) to pay the required fees.

5. Submit your application:

Visit your local Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC), make sure you bring along your recent passport photographs, completed forms as well as proof of payments of your visa processing and biometric fees.

Important Note: if you need to give your biometrics, the CVAC will collect your biometrics at the same time you submit your application. DO NOT submit your application by mail to the CVAC.

6. Payment Of Service Charges:

Once you are at CVAC, pay the service charges, hand your complete application and obtain a receipt. This receipt contains a unique tracking number which you will need to track the progress of your application online.

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