The New Agro-Food Immigration Program Introduced

The New Agro-Food Immigration Program Introduced

The Canadian government has formally announced the introduction of the new agro-food immigration for agro-workers.

This immigration program is another three-year pilot program which has been established to assist the agro-food segment to acquire full-time, non-seasonal international workers expected to fill the rapidly growing labor gaps.

The agro-food and nourishment immigration pilot program is part of the ongoing government spending plan and the federal budget.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada department have said that this program would assist international workers who have the desire to come to Canada through temporary work visa program however it is strictly for those who have the capacity to change this work visa to perpetual or permanent residency and possibly the Canadian citizenship.

Canada has already begun accepting foreign and seasonal workers from different countries to harvest, pick fruits and other agricultural related jobs. Yet the individuals who come through this class will undoubtedly work with only one employer and need to leave Canada when the work is completed.

Authorities trust that the pilot program will rejuvenate the agricultural work power in Canada, which has attempted to address work opening as of late. An ongoing report from the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council expresses that 26,400 farming employments stay unfilled since 2014, a number anticipated to twofold by 2025.

There has been till yet no appropriate visa subtleties reported by the Canadian government. This pilot program will run specifically under the laws of Immigration and refugees act.

This law controls the number of candidates for this visa category so as to further accept them for permanent residency (famously called PR). The officials are very much interested to have 2750 migrants each year for the period of 3 years of the beginning of the program.

The old regular program for workers has been not unreasonably great as the proprietors have been misusing the workers by cutting their pays and having them work for additional hours with no extra benefit.

Confronting these issues, the workers couldn’t simply leave their jobs, because when they do so the will be deported from Canada with immediate effect.

With the introduction of this new pilot program, the workers or laborers will almost certainly get advantage and their full benefit from Employment Insurance and the Canadian Retirement Pension Plan.

The available jobs under this program fall within one of the listed below:

  • Industry butcher
  • Ham shaper/cutter
  • Meat boner
  • Meat trimmer
  • Slaughterer
  • Poultry preparer
  • Farmworker – harvesting
  • Apple picker
  • Berry picker
  • Fruit and organic product sorter – farm
  • Harvester
  • Vegetable packer – farm
  • Fruit picker
  • Cattle farm worker
  • Ranch machine handler
  • General Farm Laborer
  • Vegetable Farm Laborer
  • Harvester machine Operator
  • Hatchery Laborer
  • Poultry ranch worker
  • Dairy ranch worker
  • Grain Farm Laborer

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