Small Communities In Canada Implementing New Strategies To Attract Immigrants

Small Communities In Canada Implementing New Strategies To Attract Immigrants

The big cities in Canadian provinces have the upper hand when it comes to attracting immigrants, students or even visitors. They literarily do not have to break a sweat to do that, many immigrants moving to Canada want to settle in the cities where there is plenty of good life and opportunities.

Job hunting and conveyance are a lot easier in the big cities such as Toronto, Calgary, etc. since everything seems organized is a lot easier to adapt, find a job and settle down faster in the country.

However, much has changed in recent times, the competition and mass number of immigrants received each year in the big cities has made it more competitive for immigrants to find a job or accommodation.

There has also been the issue of interprovincial migratory losses, caused by the movement of immigrants from one province to another.

Canada and its provinces have set up strategies to attract more immigrants to the smaller cities in other to balance the immigration imbalance.

Provinces create several jobs in the smaller communities and introduced some program known as the provincial nominee program to attract more immigrants to smaller cities and towns.

The Provincial Nominee Program searches the Federal Express Entry for candidates who can fill up the vacant job vacancies created in the small communities. Eligible candidates are invited to apply through the various streams created to bring them to these communities.

So far, the strategy has been an immense success especially in provinces such as Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Manitoba, etc. each with a tale of success and turned around immigration fortunes.

The communities basically for strategy and components to attract immigrants who are willing to move or immigrate to Canada they include:

  • Jobs
  • Community Support
  • Infrastructures
  • Cheap Accommodations

Helping immigrants who come to the province or communities by providing support to help them settle and adapt will help avoid Interprovincial migration.

Good and affordable accommodation is another strategy to help retain immigrants in a province. Housing and accommodation are relatively cheap compared to the prices in the big cities and provinces.

Infrastructures such as schools, churches business buildings, banks, etc. are all a good way of attracting immigrants to Canada.

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