Requirements To Get A Work Permit In Sweden

Requirements To Get A Work Permit In Sweden

Sweden a beautiful country in Northern Europe, located at a very strategic point between Norway and Finland. Due to the location of the country and its strategic location, it creates a connection between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Some facts about Sweden that you should know:

  • The climate in Sweden is quite different and solely depends on the are you decide to reside.
  • They have a really relaxed, flexible and straight-forward visa and work permit application process.
  • They have very great cities with varying sizes such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö which are very lovely places you can visit.

After you have arrived in Sweden, one of the principal things you will most likely notice is the democratic feeling that is common in the country. While Sweden used to be a critical military power all through the seventeenth century, it has not partaken in a war in more than two hundred years.

Immediately you touch down Sweden you wouldn’t help but notice the vibrant and spirited cities Beautiful archipelagos, and breathtaking coastlines. I mean aside from the welcoming nature of her citizens.

In as much as Sweden’s immigration requirements are to some extent favorable and relaxed, you’ll need to work more actively notwithstanding whether you’re originating from the United States.

You should have steady work or employment with a Swedish firm and obtain a work license. You can apply to permanently base in Sweden after your fourth year in the country with proof of your employment.

If you must live and work in Sweden and you wish to become a citizen after your fourth year you will need to apply for a job and have a steady job first.

You can submit an application for a work permit on the Swedish Migration Board site. You will require a valid international ID (passport), proof of employment and then proof of a monthly salary of about 13,000 SEK.

It is compulsory that your employer post the employment opportunity in Sweden and the EU for at least ten days, offer wages and terms equivalent to those offered to Swedish citizens in a similar profession and permit union organization to air their views on the employment criteria and terms.

Submit duplicates of your international ID (passport), two copies of your passport photographs, a duplicate of your employment offer and a receipt for a paid application charge with your work license application.

Your work permit application charges should be 2000 SEK and above which can extend up to two years in addition to 1000 SEK for a two-year renewal. Your application could be delayed for up to three months or more depending on the period you apply.

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