Quebec Announces Free French Classes For Newcomers

Quebec Announces Free French Classes For Newcomers

Canada’s official languages are English and French, and candidates who wish to enter Canada will pass the language test with at least 4, 5, or 6 CRS scores.

Many if not all the provinces in Canada regard the test result as one of the requirements to apply for the provincial nominee program.

Candidates who are in the Express Entry pool will be scored some points based on some factors such as; Education, Experience and their language test result if they score at least the cut-off points or more.

French is the official language in Quebec. Immigrants who come to the province are either proficient with the French language or will have to learn how to speak French.

Early July, the government of Quebec announced that millions of Canadian dollars will be used to fund and provide language training for candidates who enter the province.

This decision was made to attract more immigrants who do not speak French to the province and to help them integrate faster by removing the language barrier.

All the communities in Quebec speak French, and the official language for the office work is English. So, it will be helpful and important that candidates communicate well in both English and French.

Quebec’s immigration Minister stated that the province will not only provide free classes for immigrants but will pay them some amount of money to take French courses.

This announcement was made after he initially said that an extra $70 million will be provided every year to help create more classes, employ more tutors and provide a weekly bonus of 185 dollars for immigrants who register full-time courses.

Any candidate who fails the French test will be denied the Quebec certificate (Certificat de selection du Quebec). This certificate is one important document for permanent resident status. This means that applications for permanent residence from candidates who do not have the certificate will be denied.

This generosity shows how committed and determined the government is to reforming and improving the immigration system in Quebec.

Who Is Eligible & What Classes Are Offered?

Initially, only candidates who have stayed in Quebec for less than five years are eligible for the free French classes. Currently, temporary workers, foreign students, and even spouses are eligible for the free classes regardless of the number of years you have stayed in the province.

The classes offered includes;

1. Full-time courses which are offered at the beginner and intermediate stages of 25 to 30 hours per week, with an eligible weekly compensation of $185, plus transportation or commuting and childcare expenses.

2. Part-time courses are offered at the beginner and intermediate stages for 4, 6, 9, or 12 hours per week, with a financial compensation of $15 per day of training, as well as a $9 childcare allowance.

3. Specialized by field of employment
4 to 6 weekly, intermediate and advanced courses are offered to those who work in health, nursing care, engineering and applied sciences, administration, law or business. Financial compensation of $15 per day of training, as well as childcare allowances, are also available.

4. Online French classes
Intermediate and advanced online courses allow participants to learn the language at their own pace, either by self-instruction or with the help of tutors. Specialized modules are available, depending on the field of employment.

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