Nova Scotia Immigration: Labor Market Priority Physician Stream. Who is Eligible?

Nova Scotia Immigration: Labor Market Priority Physician Stream. Who is Eligible?

Nova Scotia Introduced a new Labor Market Priority draw for doctors and practising physicians. The new program launched through the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) will present an opportunity for specialist physicians and their families to immigrate to the province.

Doctors, nurses and other active physicians or health specialist who are eligible to fill up healthcare vacancies in the province. They will be offered the opportunity to immigrate and also apply for permanent residence status under the physician stream.

Nova Scotia through its provincial nominee program introduced the Labor Market Priority Physician stream. This decision was considered to help focus more attention on the skills the province was lacking the most.

The appeal by some health authorities in the province such as Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) to the government of Nova Scotia to bring more immigrants who have the required health care skills to improve the health care labour shortage in the province.

Candidates must have a valid employment offer from NSHA or Izaak Walton Killam Health (IWK) Centre Health-Centre located in Halifax. The candidates will also be willing to live and work in the province for at least 2 years.

From recent estimations, it was reported that over 50,000 people in the province do not have a family physician and there are also vacancies for old people caretakers.

Who is Eligible for Labor Market Priority Physician Stream?

To be eligible for this stream you must be a practising and active healthcare physician or doctor with some experience.

The very first thing to do to be considered for this stream is to create an active express entry profile. This is essential because the express entry has become so popular, and it will be easier to find you in the pool.

After creating your profile, you can then apply online on Nova Scotia and create an account or via email to the NSOI.

The province through its immigration program reviews your application and if you qualify, they will send you a letter. The letter is to notify you that you have been nominated and your application will be sent to IRCC.

When you receive your nomination notification, the next step is to apply for a temporary work permit. The letter of support that will be sent to you after your nomination notification will be used to replace the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) required for your work permit application.

Students who were sponsored by any Canadian agency, government, or students who are still studying in a Canadian school will not be eligible for this stream.

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