New Zealand Permanent Residence For Immigrants

New Zealand Permanent Residence For Immigrants

New Zealand, one of the world’s most beautiful, friendly and peaceful nations that welcome immigrants looking for permanent residency arrangements and for the immigrants who want a faster immigration path, it is advised that you apply for the skilled immigration.

It is viewed as the calmest, clean, and most secure nation to live and work in. The Oz nation is turning into a favoured immigration destination for both students and immigrants.

The general population from over the globe move into New Zealand consistently and most explicitly from India for a superior or standard way of life. The permanent residency of New Zealand is the most sort-after immigration pathway for immigrants wishing to apply for a New Zealand PR Visa.

The New Zealand PR visa just like the Canada PR, allows interested immigrants and candidates to work, study, and reside in the country forever. You will be eligible to apply for the New Zealand permanent residence once have stayed for two years in the country with the temporary resident visa.

Benefits of New Zealand PR Visa.

  • A person with the permanent resident status enjoys all the benefits that a citizen enjoys. As a New Zealand PR visa Holder you enjoy:
  • The obvious one is that it permits you to live and work in New Zealand indefinitely
  • Access to free healthcare facilities which has been paid for and provided by the government of New Zealand
  • Access the free New Zealand educational arrangement and school sponsored by the government.
  • You will have the freedom to enter and leave New Zealand at will.

How Does The New Zealand Permanent Residence Visa Process Work?

The first step is obtaining a Pre Assessment Report (PAR) test which is used to determine if you have a sound education from a renowned and recognized university.

If you are successful with the PAR test, you will have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for you to obtain a resident visa.

The Expression of Interest is just like Canada’s Express Entry, it is a point based system that accumulates and sum up scores for different factors such as age, educational qualification, language capability, work experience, Etc. You must obtain a minimum of 100 points out of 340 on the assessment grid to qualify.

Those who qualify and have scored at least 100 points or higher will enter the pool where those who scored highest in the ranking system are selected.

The New Zealand permanent resident visa accepts candidates with 160 points and above

After the candidates have had a second full assessment and he/she is successful, you will do the PR filling and then wait for your visa to arrive.

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