Immigrate To Canada From Asia

Immigrate To Canada From Asia

A great deal of what makes a country attractive to migrants has to do with the nation’s openness to immigration, a way to citizenship, liberal or non-existent standards and so forth, all make a country advantageous to immigration.

It may be difficult to accept, yet outside of Canada, the US, and Australia, most nations make it incredibly troublesome or unthinkable for migrants to move to the next stage of becoming a citizen.

In this era were immigration is now key to some countries economic growth and otherwise, and with the rate at which immigration is increasing. People now make their choices depending on some of the immigration requirements, safety, acceptability, and others. Currently, Canada is one of the best places for Asians

Most Asians choose to migrate to Canada because of its connection and proximity with the USA. If you can enter the country, there will always be an easier path to enter into the USA from Canada. And many Indian students simply prefer to school in Canada because it is quite cheaper compared to other countries like the USA.

If you are looking to apply to Canada as an immigrant from the Philippines or Asia, the first thing to do is to note the different immigration programs and options for you.

What Are the Options for Immigrating to Canada From Asia?

Thoroughly, the programs are:

  • Family Class Sponsorship.
  • Federal Economic Class.
  • Provincial Nominee Program.
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program.
  • Temporary Residence First, Then Transition to Permanent.
  • Business Immigration Programs.

The Express Entry Procedure Includes

  • Submitting your profile and entering the Express Entry Pool.
  • Get issued an Invitation to Apply that is if you meet the necessary requirements and essentials.
  • Present an application in 60 days.
  • Processing time usually takes about 6 months after which a decision is made on your application.
  • When you are eventually granted permission, you can move to Canada.
  • The best candidate from the pool is selected and a way to increase your cr score is to obtain a job offer in Canada which boost your score by either 200 or 50 depending on the job.

Applicants who have spouses, siblings and other family members in Canada will also gain some points in the express entry pool. So if you have a relative who is already a permanent resident in Canada, he or she could be of great importance in your quest to enter the country.

So, the easiest way to move to Canada for an Asia country will be the Express Entry and the Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP). With these two methods, you are sure that your visa will be processed faster.

The express entry processes your visa 6 months from the application date (processing time depends on so many factors). QSWP offers you a PR without the job offer from Canada and the Express Entry criteria.

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