How To Get A Permanent Resident As A Married Couple

How To Get A Permanent Resident As A Married Couple

If you are a married couple looking to obtain a PR within Canada or even outside Canada in order to settle permanently in the country, there are quite a few things you’d have to do to see that dream becomes a reality.

Canada has a great culture and the citizens are very welcoming to outsiders. They respect cultures of other countries and the reunion of families within the country remains a very vital part of their culture, that is why it still remains the best option for you if you are searching for a nice place to reside.

Applying for a Canada Permanent Resident as a married person will normally require you to choose from the various Canada immigration programs made for skilled workers which are the Express entry system or even the other provincial nominee program.

Usually, one person of the couple will be the primary applicant and it is selected by the person who scores best in terms of education, experience, language skills, and other valid asset or finance. The second partner will be the secondary applicant; credentials can also add an extra point for the couples.

You could also sponsor your spouse to obtain a PR in Canada that is in a case where one of the partners is already a citizen of Canada and the other outside Canada.

New regulations were put in place in the year 2012 regarding permanent residency for married couples in other to reduce fraud and other irregularities in the Canadian immigration system.

Every spouse or married couple who was sponsored to live, work and obtain PR card must be in a legitimate and valid relationship for a period of 2 years at least after the PR is granted. Anything less you’d risk losing your PR. This rule is for all sponsored spouses or couples.

Some of the Canadian programs that could help you get a PR faster are:

  1. Express Entry: This program uses a point collection system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Applicants are giving points based on their educations, experience, language skills, etc. to increase their chances of obtaining a PR faster. If you obtain a high score you will get an invitation to apply from IRCC.
  2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): This is another method you can get your PR card in Canada. It is not a very direct method though, you’d need to apply for the PNP first, obtain the PNP certificate which either makes you eligible to apply for a PR directly or it gives you a 600 CRS points which also makes you eligible to get an invitation to apply from IRCC.

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