How To Become A Certified Fitness Instructor In Canada

How To Become A Certified Fitness Instructor In Canada

Fitness Instructor, also known as Personal Trainer help people get fit by leading them in a variety of activities such as aerobics exercises or yoga.

Due to greater awareness about obesity and other chronic disease epidemics, there has been a rising interest in achieving a healthier lifestyle

As a fitness instructor, you can lead to many different types of workout and fitness classes depending on your training and qualification.

Physical fitness has tremendous benefits for our overall wellbeing.

Fitness instructors have a variety of tasks including but not limited to:

  • Work out with clients
  • Help clients with special needs and adapt programs as needed
  • Provide advice on nutrition, and weight control
  • Assess clients fitness and goals
  • Provide instructions and encouragements to students.

As a fitness instructor, you must love to work out, you are not only demonstrating a technique while teaching but also breaking a sweat.

Note: You must be in excellent physical shape, creative and a good sense of coordination and rhythm.

You must have good communication skill, and be able to motivate clients.

Obtaining a fitness instructor certification from a credible certifying agency is an important step towards becoming a successful fitness instructor in Canada.

These steps will guide you in becoming a certified fitness trainer in Canada.


Fitness instruction is not a regulated profession in Canada, anyone can call themselves a Personal trainer, even if they have no credentials or experience.

This may sound like good news, but there are 2 important reasons to consider before you take your first client as an uncertified fitness instructor.

INSURANCE: It is highly unlikely that anyone might question your qualification, but operating as an uncertified personal trainer means that you are also uninsured.

Every training session regardless of how safe you plan it could result in serious client injury which you will be liable for any lawsuit arising as a result of such injury.

Without a recognized certification you cannot obtain a Personal Training Insurance.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT: Honestly, what you know from your own experience in the gym is more practical than much of what you will be taught in a personal training certification course.

But becoming a certified a Personal Trainer, will eventually open doors for future learning and further develop your career

You will need to do some research on agencies that specialize in that particular certification.

A certified Personal Trainer Certification is widely offered by these agencies listed below:

  • Canadian Fitness Professionals (Canfitpro)
  • Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES)
  • Canadian Society For Exercise Physiology (CSEP) and
  • Professional Career Development Institute Canada (PCDI)

If you choose to pursue a group fitness certification, your options are still plentiful.

*Canfitpro and CFES offers fitness instructor certification, although location offers may vary.

CFES has a specialized Aquafit Certification and the Canadian Fitness Leaders Alliance (CFLA)

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