How To Apply For A Canadian University Acceptance Letter

How To Apply For A Canadian University Acceptance Letter

Before your requirements for a study permit will be considered complete, you must present a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institute in Canada as one of the prerequisite documents for your study permit application. The acceptance letter is mainly used to confirm the course deadline.

The first thing you need to do to obtain a letter of acceptance from a Canadian school is to submit a well-arranged application to the selected Designated Learning Institute.

The following steps will guide to complete and organize your application form;

  • You have to first confirm the application due dates for foreign students (it may fluctuate depending on the school you selected or study program);
  • Set up your online profile in the school student portal.
  • Ensure you have all the required documents for the application
  • A complete record of all past secondary and post-secondary education
  • Legally approved interpretations of any records issued in dialects other than English or French
  • You will be required to provide also an official transcript from the previous university or secondary school that you attended.

The institution or school you are applying to may allow you to upload your documents directly into the school student portal. Otherwise, the documents will be sent via mail to the required department in the school.

the application procedure changes generally from course to course, and college to college. In this way, contact the colleges you are keen on and they will send you their own application methods which ought to clarify you through the procedure and steps that would help easily apply.

The application is not free and the fee is actually not cheap. The charge for each program at every college can extend from around CA$100 (US$78) to CA$250 (US$195) thus, with application costs this high, make sure you are ready to study in Canada and that you meet the necessary requirements before you can go ahead to apply.

Conditional Letter of Acceptance

When an international student needs to take a required course before he or she is admitted into a specific program, the institution may provide a letter of acceptance called Conditional Letter of Acceptance which would allow the student to study the program only if they meet the requirements.

For instance, a foreign student may be accepted for a diploma program but must first complete an English course, when these happen, the immigration authorities may permit the student to study for the duration of the prerequisite course.

When the course has been completed, the international student will need to apply for an increased or extended study permit for the new course.

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