Five Facts About Becoming A Canadian Citizen

Five Facts About Becoming A Canadian Citizen

Becoming a Citizen of Canada is no small thing. There different ways one can become, one of them is through birth. Canada is still one of the few countries that regard Citizenship by birth, which means when a person is born in the country he or she automatically becomes a citizen of Canada.

Another way is to apply for citizenship as a permanent resident who has lived and worked in Canada for several years. Although it is very much achievable, this process is longer compared to the one mentioned earlier.

One thing is certain though, as a Canadian citizen, you have the right to almost everything in Canada except commit crimes of course. But as a citizen you are eligible: –

  • For More Jobs
  • To Vote and Run for Political Office
  • To Travel on a Canadian Passport
  • To live outside Canada with no time limit
  • To be an applicant in government, commonplace and regional decisions
  • Preference for a job in the government
  • To pass Canadian citizenship on to their upspring brought into the world outside Canada (only to the first generation)

You can do all this and many more that comes with becoming a citizen of Canada. Find more benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen.

There are facts you must have at the become of your mind before applying for Canada citizenship. These facts will help you get prepared for the test and application process.

Facts About Applying For Canadian Citizenship

Do not lie in your application

One thing you must never do during your application process is to lie about anything or falsify any document. When the government of Canada proves that you lied in your citizenship application your citizenship might be revoked or application denied if you are still the application stage.

Language Proficiency

As you may know, one requirement that cannot be overemphasized in Canada is the language proficiency test score. If you have lived in Canada for the required period of time, you should have a good knowledge of either English or French language which is a criterion for citizenship application.

Take the Citizenship Test Seriously

The citizenship application is a lot more difficult compared to others for the test you may seat for. So, you must take it seriously. Before the year 2012, candidates were only required to answer correctly 12 out of 20 questions. But with recent changes, the government has now made it mandatory that those applying for citizenship in Canada must score at least 15 out of 20 questions. These changes suddenly increased the failure rate from 4% to 15%.

Ensure Your Documents Are Correct And Complete

Ensure that you have all the documents ready including proof to show that you have stayed in Canada long enough either as a student or worker to qualify citizenship.

Pay All the Debt You Owe The Canadian Government

Debts arising from social aids and other government financial institute given to you as either a loan of aid must be cleared. This means you are not allowed to owe the state government directly or indirectly prior to your application.

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