Easy Ways To Migrate To Norway

Easy Ways To Migrate To Norway

If you are migrating to Norway, it is totally different from migrating to Norway because this type of migration does not use any point system or the other settlement systems.

Immigration to Norway is pretty much straightforward, you must the necessary conditions before you can apply to enter the country. Conditions like; having enough funds and source of livelihood to sustain you in the country and if are traveling with your family the money should cover them as well.

Some stats about Norway

  1. Money used in Norway: Norwegian Krone or (NOK or KR)
  2. Population size: 5.23 million
  3. Countries Capital: Oslo
  4. Total Immigrant population: 725,000
  5. Official/main language: Norwegian
  6. Weather Condition: Mild climate
  7. Country’s Biggest cities: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim
  8. Minimum/Average salary: 120,000 KR

Ways to migrate to Norway easily

Migrating to Norway just like every other country requires you to obtain a visa/passport. If you want to move easily to Norway it should interest, you to know that there are three types of visa which should put you a fast track to the country.

  • Business class visa
  • Visitor visa
  • Student visa

Business Class Visa

This type of visa is mainly for investors; it is also a good way to speed up the process. Any country or government in the world is very much welcoming to creative innovators, the business-minded people, investors, and anyone who can add value to the country and its economy especially if they are still developing.

You will be required to present a detailed investment plan and a funding plan for the business when applying for the investors’ visa.

The visitor or tourist visa

The tourist visa is meant for those who wish to migrate to Norway just for the sake of visiting and exploring the countries. While some may use this visa for what it is, others see it as a peculiar way to migrate to Norway.

It usually involves two steps, first, you migrate to Norway with a tourist visa and then make an application for asylum. When you arrive in Norway, you will need to locate the agency responsible for providing the necessary documents for you to prepare an asylum.

some war and conflict-affected countries are giving some exceptions and preferences.

Student Visa

This is an easier step to migrate to Norway although it’s a bit expensive it is sure one of the easiest routes to the country. To obtain a student visa, you must first gain admission in one of Norway schools either a university or a higher institution or a college.

After you have secured an admission then the next step is to apply for a student visa and submit the admission letter to Norway’s Immigration and Foreign Affairs Commission.

Some benefits also come with becoming a student in Norway, for instance, you will be able to apply for a work permit with the student visa, which would allow you make extra cash while studying there.

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