Easy steps to migrate to Dubai

Easy steps to migrate to Dubai

Dubai is arguably the most beautiful country in the world, with so many intriguing places and wonderful cities to explore. If you are prepared to take on an entirely different culture, weather, and environment. With some barriers such as language, religion, etc.

The country generally is very welcoming to outsiders especially refugees and immigrants, in fact, they pose as one of the countries with the highest immigrants and expat ratio in the world.

In contrast to Canada, Dubai (and UAE) do not grant outsiders citizenship. Regardless of the number of years you’ve been living in the country, you can never be considered for citizenship that just how it is.

But then what are the easiest ways to migrate to Dubai.

Those keen on moving to Dubai have some alternatives: they could

  • Acquire a business visa,
  • The family visa if the individual has a relative officially settled in Dubai,
  • Acquire a business visa when opening an organization in Dubai.

Acquiring a work permit is, maybe, one of the fastest means to move to Dubai. The underlying application enables a person to get a three-year visa that can be extended for an indefinite period.

The work permit might be acquired if a business or an employer applies for the visa for the benefit of getting a benefactor. But then, the future employee/worker should also meet some requirement and present some of the documents and information that will be requested before the application. The primary class of work permit is the Dubai home visa for employment.

Family-supported visas are accessible for those who have a relative living in Dubai. Which means that the relative, also known as the sponsor, must have a residence permit in Dubai, the sponsor will also be required to present this permit during the period of application and must make an insurance or security deposit payment.

There are some procedures involved when you want to migrate to Dubai.

Some of these steps are outlined below:

  • You have to undergo a thorough health examination.
  • Apply for a work permit
  • Get a residency visa
  • Gain any significant qualifications that are required in the UAE
  • Obtain a valid and legitimate passport that is valid for a minimum of six months.

It may also interest you to know that:

  • The women in Dubai are not allowed to any close family member or relatives in the family.
  • Before you are allowed to immigrate to Dubai you must have already gotten a job offer from a company or employer at Dubai. You will be required to provide a confirmation letter during the application process.
  • You can still be deported from the country in an event where you fail the health exam.

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