Do You Know That Your Nationality Affects You Visa Processing Time?

Do You Know That Your Nationality Affects You Visa Processing Time?

The country you come from might not ordinarily have an effect on the processing time of your visa application with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Whether or not for a brief/temporary visa or for permanent residence. wherever the Centre you applying is located, will however determine the time range your visa can be ready. this is often because of many factors:

If the Centre is located in cities that are usually very busy, cities like Shanghai, New Delhi, Abu Dhabi, or London, England receives a large number of applicants every day which implies its resources could also be a lot more stretched and process times might tend to be longer.

Another factor will the number of available resources in a particular Centre. An office might receive quite a good number of application but might lack or have a shortage of resources to process them. This can also pose a problem and cause a delay in the processing.

A third issue is that the correctness of info given by the candidates and how quickly they respond to requests from IRCC for more info. The speedy the response, the faster the process times.

The fourth issue that may have an effect on process times is security screening, also as medical screening. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), stated on one among their webpages that “while Canada’s extensive and appreciated tradition of hospitable immigrants and guests remains, Canada and its partners must preserve a delicate and continuous alertness to counter acts of political or religiously envisioned violence and secret work, all of that epitomize a threat to our personal and national security, and even our economic security. Upholding the reliability of the immigration system is a vital part of solidifying Canada’s security environment.”

A fifth issue is that the quality of post between Canada and therefore the country during which the visa workplace being employed to use is found.

IRCC itself makes on its website a list of typical process times for applications which is the noticeable results of the factors above, also as the other factors which will affect visa application process times.

Here may be a sample of some the most effective, the mediocre, and probably the worst – in terms of process times – of Canada’s visa offices around the world:

  1. The visa Centre with the longest process times is Lagos, Nigeria at twenty-one weeks (21 weeks). If you Consider the nation with over 174 million inhabitants with only five Physicians approved by IRCC to do medical exams for immigrants, or IME’s, maybe it’s not too shocking that process times are slow.
  2. For number two spot in the slow chain category, is New York City at nineteen weeks (19 weeks). This might appear shocking or unbelievable, it might appear that the visa offices in New York have very difficult screening procedures in place, observing that it is a gateway for those who just arrived in the US and are looking to immigrate to Canada from there.
  3. Pretoria, South Africa comes in at the third position with a duration of sixteen weeks (16 weeks), and this is often possible because of tough medical screenings which are due to the AIDS epidemic the Republic of South Africa has been battling for the past few decades.
  4. Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Ankara, Turkey had visa processing times of ten and eleven weeks correspondingly, positioning them in the mediocre class. Security screenings also consist of their slow processing time.
  5. Rabat, Morocco had a reasonably blast of seven weeks, a week quicker than Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia that each had processing times of eight weeks.
  6. In the high class, Beijing and Shanghai had processing times of 6 weeks each, but New Delhi and Chandigarh, India had good processing times of 3 weeks, maybe because of the Student Partner’s Program (SPP). Rome has a similar time of 3 weeks.

While this list will provide you with an insight of what type of delays to expect primarily based, indirectly, on your national status, a crucial point to recollect is that if you are not applying from your home country, one probably faces a longer processing time interval.

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