Do Know The Processing Time It Takes To Immigrate To Canada Using QSW Program?

Do Know The Processing Time It Takes To Immigrate To Canada Using QSW Program?

The manner in which the Canadian immigration process times are revealed by the govt. of Canada modified as of January 2016. Processing times don’t seem to be presently published via visa offices; relatively, they’re published looking on when the application was submitted

Processing Quebec skilled worker applications are split into 3 steps:

Documents verification, where the Section of Immigration approves that you simply have submitted all of the specified components of the application.

The preliminary review, where your application is assessed and you’re notified of any extra steps needed for your application to be approved.

The selection review, where the analysis of your application is completed and a decision is made concerning the approval or rejection of your application.

Processing your application

After you apply, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will confirm you filled out your application forms properly and signed them paid your processing fee included all needed documents. If you forget one thing, your application won’t be processed and can be sent back to you.

When they receive your complete application, you’ll be told what you would likely to try and do and what happens next.

Processing times

This time interval applies solely to IRCC processing your application. It doesn’t include the time it takes for the province of Quebec to process the Quebec choice Certificate (Certificate DE selection du Québec).

Avoid delays by change your data. Use this web form to report necessary changes to your application, such as:

  1. change in address, phone number, email address or alternative contact info
  2. births and deaths in your family
  3. marriage or divorce
  4. adoptions

Causes of processing time delays

Your applications are delayed if:

  1. If there is need to verify your data
  2. There are criminal or security issues
  3. If there is need to do additional background checks
  4. Your family situation is not clear, such as:
  • A divorce or adoption that may not yet be completed
  • Child custody problems that haven’t been resolved

You need to submit additional documents or have an interview with us (if this is often the case, we’ll contact you to let you know)

Quebec skilled worker Program time interval (federal stage only): fifteen to seventeen months period.

The time interval above shows how long Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) expects to take to process complete applications (under normal circumstances) already within the system.

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