Designated and Non-Designated Learning Institutions in Canada.

Designated and Non-Designated Learning Institutions in Canada.

Before you are allowed to enter Canada for studies and other academic-related activities with any school in Canada, you must first obtain a letter of acceptance from Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada.

Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) are institutions in Canada that have been authorized by a province or region in Canada to admit international students in their schools.

For an international student who wants to study in Canada, you must first ensure that the school you intend to apply to for studies is on the list of designated learning institutions. So as to ensure that you don’t waste your time and money.

If you apply to a non-designated learning centre you will be turned down and your visa will probably be rejected.

In case you would like to stay and work permanently in Canada, you should also know that not all the programs offered in the various DLI make you eligible to migrate permanently to Canada after studies.

Designated Learning Institution Number

This is a number given to an institution authorized by the government to take international or foreign students. IRCC make use of these number to make sure that only students who obtained an acceptance letter from a DLI are allowed a study permit.

To ensure that you choose the right school that is designated for learning you will need to check the list Visit the official DLI list and select a province from the drop-down list. There you will find both the school and their DLI number.

Non-Designated Learning Institution

If the government does not approve any school to accept international or foreign schools, that school or institute is regarded as Non-Designated Learning Institute. If you apply for a study permit with an acceptance letter from a non-designated learning institute, then your application will be refused.

But then, if a school or an institute loses its designation after you must have gained you permit or have started schooling, the student will be allowed to complete his or her education until it expires.

In Canada, all the primary and secondary schools are Designated Learning Institute.

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