CTI Group Hiring Cruise Ship Galley Stewards In USA

CTI Group Hiring  Cruise Ship Galley Stewards In USA

CTI Group Hiring Cruise Ship Galley Stewards In USA

  • Title: Galley Steward
  • Rank: Crew
  • Department: Galley Department
  • Main function: Responsible for Cleanliness in the Main Galley, and other Food
  • preparation Areas onboard
  • Reports to: Executive Chef, Sanitation Officer.
  • Cabin: Shared



  • Participate out all inspections as outlined in the Hotel Management Manuals and as requested by the Sanitation Officer.

Maintaining Standard Procedures

  • Check on administration and working procedures and ensure all are carried out as stated in the Hotel Management Manuals & ISM Manual.

Cost Control

  • Ensure that cleaning supplies and consumables are used economically and wastage is minimized. Always act in the best interests of the company with regard to minimizing costs.


  • All machines and equipment must be kept in good repair and in clean condition. Supervise instruction program on handling of equipment for new or re-rated crew members. Handling procedures of already trained crew members to be re-checked. Regular inspections on the conditions of equipment must be carried out and an up to date AVO list to be maintained. Follow up on action required, outstanding repair list to be checked on a regular basis.

Waste Disposal

  • Ensure that all waste produced and handled by the catering department complies with rules set by MARPOL and the ship. Ensure all workers are fully trained and that complete records of waste discharge are kept as per ISM manual.

Public Health & Hygiene

  • Ensure that all Utilities in your Department stores, restaurant and bars, work according to the standards set in the Hotel Management Manuals & ISM Manual.(Vessel Sanitation Regulations). Spot-checks to be made on a regular daily basis. End of cruise general cleaning to be done

Other Duties

  • Take charge of Life Raft Station/Assist in evacuation of pax & crew or otherwise as per vessels master list


  • Lead subordinates successfully into productive working methods by setting an example and utilizing all available management tools (Hotel Management Manuals and checklists).
  • Provide a two-way line of communication for Staff. Dealing with day to day problems, including personal problems. Deal with proposals and suggestions from Management and Staff.
  • Ensure that correct disciplinary procedures are adhered to especially with regard to correct handling of written warnings and record of same. Follow up on disciplinary reports.
  • It is expected, that the Galley Steward is fully aware of the company standards as outlined in the Hotel Management Manuals. The Galley Steward is expected to know the job


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