Changing Your Visitor Status To A Permanent Residence

Changing Your Visitor Status To A Permanent Residence

Ordinarily, it is very difficult to enter Canada with a visitor or tourist visa and expect to change your status to permanent resident. It is only possible on specific or rare cases like Refugee status or spouses and partners.

The requirement for permanent residency is so rigid you might not be able to meet them while on tourist or visitor visa.

However, if you intend to stay permanently in Canada while on a visitor visa, there are few things you can do to help ease the process. It would require you to either apply for a work permit and then get a job, or you could apply for a study permit.

The First Option: Work Permit

You could nurture the possibility of getting a job in Canada and then applying for a work permit. If you are a skilled worker or you qualify to work in Canada, you will be offered a work permit to move to Canada and work.

While in Canada as a visitor or tourist, you could use the opportunity and time to look for a job and search for different companies that would be willing to employ you. But then you will still return to your home country because work permit takes a lot of time to be granted.

The employer must first offer you a job before you can apply for a work permit.

The Second Option: Study Permit

Another thing you can do while on a visitor visa is to apply to a Canadian school. If you are accepted into any Canadian school, the next step is to apply for a study permit. While on a visit or a tour you should visit several schools, institution, or universities and apply for any course of your choice.

When you are accepted and then you apply for a study permit, you may be required to return to your home country just like the work permit.

You can apply for an extension when your current visitor visa expires, this should buy you enough time to search for either a job or seek and admission to a University.

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