Canada Immigration Investment Programs, Fast-Track To PR

Canada Immigration Investment Programs, Fast-Track To PR

Becoming an investor in Canada solely depends on your net worth. the type of business you invest or venture into depends on how fat your bank account, your managerial skills or ability, and your business acumen.

when you become an investor in Canada it could be your quick ticket to permanent residency and ultimately a Canadian citizen that is if you meet the requirements.

Because Canada is looking to develop its economy, the Canadian government grants fast-tracked investors visa to applicants who would contribute to the nations economic growth.

There are some programs available for investors who which to settle and establish a business in Canada.

Investor Immigration program

  • Federal Investor Program
  • Federal Venture Capital Program
  • Quebec Investor Program
  • Provincial Nominee Programs For Investors

Federal Investor Program

The federal immigration program has been terminated and the government of Canada is currently not accepting any application with no plans to resume the program.

This program allows investors who wish to migrate to Canada to obtain permanent resident status. These investors must make an investment of $800, 000 CAD of their own money for a period of 5 years through an authorized agent or agency.

Federal Venture Capital Program

This type of program requires business owners who have a personal net worth that beats $10 million an opportunity to qualify for the Federal Venture Capital Program.

The business owners must be practical and have a good business understanding to manage a business of that class. Eligible applicants will be expected to make a non-guaranteed investment worth $2 million CAD for a period of 15years so as to secure permanent resident status.

Quebec Investor Program

This program is for the province of Quebec. Investors who which to migrate and invest in Quebec can apply for the Quebec investor visa.

To be eligible for this program, immigrants must have a net worth of  $2 million and managerial know-how and skills. Successful candidates are expected to make a guaranteed 5years deposit or investment of $1.2 million.

Provincial Nominee Programs For Investors

Other provinces just like Quebec also allows or permit immigrant investors the opportunity to invest and migrate to Canada when they apply through their own provincial investors’ program.

The different provinces provide their own requirements which differ from others in one way or another depending on what they want for their economy.

But one thing is certain for all the provinces, that is all immigrant investors are automatically nominated for a permanent resident status when they are successful with their application.

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