Canada Hiring Filipinos And Asians To Fill Out 14,000 Job Vacancies

Canada Hiring Filipinos And Asians To Fill Out 14,000 Job Vacancies

Canada Hiring Filipinos And Asians To Fill Out 14,000 Job Vacancies

At a time in which the rest of the world is facing severe economic problems, Canada is beating all expectations with an economy that has only kept on growing. Because of this, and Canada’s new immigration policies and agreements, over 14,000 new job openings have been made available to Filipinos and the citizens of other Asian countries.
Opening these jobs to foreigners helps serve two purposes, on one hand, skilled professionals from the Philippines who are planning on visiting Canada in search of a job, while helping Canada’s booming economy continue to grow by creating new industrial inlets that lead, in time, to the availability more jobs.

More and more Canadian employers are choosing Filipino workers to fill  both temporary and permanent positions, granting those who are interested in moving to Canada an open door that could lead to the job of your dreams, and while Canada may seem like it is too far away, the truth is that you can apply for thousands of Canadian jobs with just one click!

The time has come to widen your horizons and improve your earning potential by applying for a position in a country where thousands of Filipinos have gone before, becoming successful and more financially secure and living their lifelong dream.
Today there are usually around 10,000 unfilled jobs. So in order to keep our economy growing, we need to focus on the labor shortage and a part of that is international recruitment,”

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  1. * Message Hello Canada. Special regards from Uganda in East Africa. My Country is leterary exporting skilled youth to the Middle East, where they endup as slaves with no pay! If Canada has vacancies, plz don’t over look Ugandans. They are skilled & ready to work.

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