Can Provincial Nominees Move Anywhere In Canada

Can Provincial Nominees Move Anywhere In Canada

Immigrants every year move to Canada for different reasons and through different means and pathways. One of Canada’s program that has become very successful over the years is the Canadian Federal Express Entry Program.

The program was introduced to create a faster pathway for immigrants to Canada, and since it was founded, it has become a major source of candidates for Canadian provinces both for Skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

Each province in Canada has its separate program called a provincial nominee program (PNP) used to invite eligible candidates weekly through its weekly provincial draws.

When candidates create an express entry profile, they are ranked against one another and are scored depending on some factors such as;

  • Age;
  • Work Experience;
  • Educational achievements
  • language proficiency etc.;

The candidate with the highest comprehensive ranking score will be invited to apply directly to the province nominee program through the weekly draws.

If you are entering Canada through the provincial nominee program, you must show the immigration officials and officers that you have every intention of living in the province that you received a nomination from.

If it is discovered that you have other plans of settling in another province, you may be asked to go back to your home country at the spot.

There are different rules for each provincial nominee program and each province set out its own set of rules to find and select immigrants who can come to their province. The provinces also decide on the number of immigrants they are willing to accept each year.

How To Move To Another Province

To move or settle in another province aside from the province you were nominated, you must first receive your PR card and stay for a stipulated period in the province before you move or become a citizen (which is one of the benefits of becoming a citizen).

The provinces also determine how long a permanent resident will have to live in the province before he or she can actually be allowed to move to another province. Some provinces would prefer you to remain, while others will indicate that you stay for at least 2-3 years on a PR card before you can move. It is best to apply for a provincial nomination for that province where you intend to stay.

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