Can I Change Province After Getting Permanent Residency Through Provincial Nominee Program

Can I Change Province After Getting Permanent Residency Through  Provincial Nominee Program

Permanent Residency offers Immigrant the choice to live and work anywhere in Canada, and the Provincial Nomination program is the easiest way to become a Permanent Residence.

The Provincial Nominee Program is an avenue to attract more people who can make positive economic contributions and reside permanently in the province.

Can One Change Province After Getting PR Through Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?

This is a tricky question, but according to “Canadian Charter of rights and freedom”, Permanent Residence have the legal backing to live and work any where in Canada.

Many immigrants make the mistake of trying to move to another province immediately they arrive in Canada, without any meaningful economic contributions to the province that nominated them.

However provincial authorities are starting to go after nominees who try to leave their province right after the nomination.

When a province nominates you, you have expressed intentions to permanently reside and contribute to the economic development of the province.

Your intentions may be questioned when you move to another province right after you get your immigration status.

Provincial authorities go after these sets of nominees for misrepresentation since one requirement to become a PR under PNP is the desire to live in the province that nominates you.

Though moving to another province after nomination seems tricky and tedious but its possible.

If you decide to leave the province that nominated you, here are a few tips you should be aware of:

  • Having lived in the province that nominated you for at least two years
  • Actively searched for jobs with better remuneration.
  • Properly document your job hunting activities.
  • Extensively exhaust all legal means of finding employment in the province.

If you receive a job offer with better remuneration outside the province that nominated you, then your move is justified.

You may lose your PR status if your reasons for moving to another province is at best trivial, or if the job offer you receive outside your province is similar to what is being offered in the province that nominated you.

Your insincerity could hamper your next nomination, it is better you provide solid reasons and documentation as to why you are leaving the province that nominated you.

If you follow the above tips your PR status will be safe and you will have relative peace that you did your best to honor the Provincial Nominee Program undertaking.

Good luck!

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